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Thank you for your interested in Eat Sheep. Here are some items that hopefully will help out. Let us know if you have any questions!

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Sheep were bred at record rates in the early 60′s after a direct relationship was realized between getting a good night sleep and the amount of sheep in the world.

With the ability to count sheep into the thousands people were getting more sleep then they could ever dream of. So many sheep were bred and bred strong. Many sheep had to survive in the desert, winter tundra, and even on the moon (with space helmets of course). Basically anywhere there was room, sheep were bred.

Unfortunately this has gotten out of control and there is now an over abundance of sheep around the world, endangering productivity and has provided a surplus of warm wool sweaters.

To help fight this epidemic of Sheep, Monsters have been released into the wild to reduce the sheep population in a last ditch effort by local secret organizations. Of course monsters need to eat sheep to stay awake themselves.

Though some evil sheep wranglers from around the world, which have benefited from the over population, are determined to stop the monsters from eating the sheep.

Being the monster and productivity lover that you are… it is your job to feed your monster sheep to keep it awake to save the world!
Fail to feed your monster the sheep and your cuddly monster friend will fall asleep, stay asleep too long and a wrangler will drag him away; continuing the sale of their wool as sweaters.

The road will be tough as sheep like to eat their food in obtrusive spaces, and each level the wrangler works to make more complicated sheep ranges to stop the monster from eating them all up. In turn destroying the wool empire the wrangle has set up for himself.

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  • Download

    The barn used to wrangle the sheep

  • Download

    Rocks used in corners and set dressing

  • Download

    Silo to store farm stuff

  • Download

    Nice set dressing piece for the Barn

  • Download

    Used as an obstacle on Eat Sheep

  • Download

    Trees are great and so is this one.

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Wes Burke

Project Lead and UI Design

Wes’s main role on the project is stare at excel sheets, base camp to-dos and keep the project moving along. With being a small group, Wes also helped out on the UI Design, Level assembly and light map baking.

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Jonathan Williamson

Character Lead

Jonathan has been responsible for the character modeling and texturing on this series. He has also dived into setting up rigs, and contributed to the art direction.

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monster_tim copy

Tim Vonn Rueden

Concept Artist Lead

Tim has become one of the main character conceptual artists on the team, and has spawned the monsters from his dark imagination. Fueled by bananas and soup Tim has rocked on numerous other character designs and is contributing to the UI design as well.

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Patrick Boelens


Patrick is our midnight coder and main Unity developer for Eat Sheep. Patrick has a bit to deal with as he is one coder against 5 artists! But he holds his own and creates some crazy wizardry creations with his 1′s and 0′s

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Gabriel Williams

Technical Artist and UI Guru

Gabe came into the project towards the end, but carried a bit of the UI weight on him. Gabe headed up a new UI implementation and also founded a bit of the path drawing for the monsters.

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Paul Hoefener

Environment Artist

If you need something modeled you call Paul. Paul is a creative modeling mad scientist when it comes to asset creation and environment modeling.  Paul has been the lead main modely for the project and also has contributed to Art Direction.

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Nubia Palacios

Concept Artist

Nubia is a lvl70 storyboard artist that also has contributed a bit to the asset conception for the game and Nubia has also contributed to the conceptual ideas of the game, and the direction of the art. Nubia was also the creator of Melvin our beloved first monster.

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Beorn Leonard


Beorn is charged with being the sole animator on the team. From sheep eating grass to monsters eating sheep!

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Are you guys going to make this for Android?

We sure hope so.. We are limited to the initial release to iOS first due to our hardware and license restrictions. Though if the game does well then we will be looking to release it certainly on Android!

Am I able to transfer in-app purchases between my iOS devices?

Consumable purchases of wool are not transferable between iOS devices. Though if you have purchased the Patrick Monster for 99cents, when attempting to download the Patrick monster on an additional device you will not be charged twice if using the same Apple account.

How can I support you guys?

Eat Sheep is a side project of ours and any support you can offer is fantastic! Play the game, share with friends and have fun!

What type of game is this?

We are categorizing it as a top down puzzle game. But the common answer is that you will be presented with a top down 3D view of the world with 2D HUD elements. Sheep will enter the word and try to get to the barn. Your job as the monster is to eat the sheep before they get there by navigation the level puzzle, using power-ups and obstacles to slow down the sheep.

This game seems hard! Any tips or advice to play?

We are working on a game play guide, but in the mean time be sure to read through the tutorial screens in the application. Some quick tips are though, don’t be too greedy and let the sheep come to you. Try to upgrade your monster when you can to improve their abilities!

When are the other monsters going to be released?

We are hoping to release other monsters soon depending on how the first version of the game is received. This may or may not include additional worlds as well.

How much does the game cost?

The game is free to play with in-app purchases. You earn wool (game currency) throughout the game to upgrade your monster, purchase cookies for monster special moves, and unlock monsters.

My Monster got stuck!

For some unknown reason the monster may lose mobility in game. This is an issue we are investigating. Though to solve this issue, simply hit pause and replay that affected level.

I have a problem with the game, what should I do?

First restart the game and clear it from the devices memory. If this does not solve the problem please contact us through Please provide as much information as possible: Device Type, Operating system and description of the issue.

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